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Clint Allen
Houston, TX | 713-540-9867

About New Aspect Design

New Aspect Design has emerged from 20 years in the theatrical lighting and video projection industry. Our driving force is developing creative solutions to deliver and implement the artistic vision of our clients.

We offer our clients expertise in every step of the process: animating models for storytelling, consulting on equipment to drive the art, drafting wiring diagrams, creating content for lighting or video, programming control systems, and monitoring the project after installation. Our specialties include in large scale LED programming using video created specifically for each installation, and custom controls and user interfaces designed for interactivity, scheduling, and reliability.

We live at the intersection of art and technology. 

About Clint

Clint Allen grew up in a family of professional photographers and worked summers in the studio setting up lighting for his family. Even though his High School yearbook has a quote from under his photo saying, “I know theatre is not something I’ll ever do”, he became fascinated with theatre lighting design because it was like photography but created live pictures instead of still ones. 

Combining his technical experience with his artistic strengths, Clint launched into a career working for theaters and production tours managing lighting. When the field of projection design started taking off in the early 2000s, Clint was present and enamored by the possibilities of transforming the stage with projected video images. Soon he was designing with major theater companies combining his skills of video, projection and lighting to collaborate and tell theatre stories with custom video content.

Clint’s work has now expanded to encompass lighting and production design for interactive public art pieces, as well as on-going theater projects.